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Guinea Pig Bedding

C & C cages are simply made form Cubes and Coroplast™ – they are very easy and inexpensive to make.

The cubes are about 14-inch coated-wire grids designed for temporary or inexpensive storage. There are several brands available from multiple sources. Some versions have 17 grids in a box; some up to 30, plus connectors. The average price is around $15 - $20 a box.

Coroplast™ is a special corrugated plastic sign board available virtually everywhere. It is just like cardboard only made out of plastic. It comes in 4 foot by 8 foot sheets and in multiple colors. You can purchase Coroplast™ at sign shops; stores that make signs for businesses. 4mm thickness works best for Guinea Pig cages.

More information on C&C Cages; resources for supplies, and how to make them can be found at